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The finest Palestine Medjool Dates


Authentic Palestine Dates. Grown in Palestine, by Palestinians



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Palestine Medjool Dates are grown and harvested in Jericho in the West Bank in Palestine.

The farm is owned by Palestinian American Ibrahim Ziyad, who was born in Yalo and whose family is from Yalo, Palestine. The farm, located in Jericho, was purchased in 2009 and today includes more than 700 dunams of date palms.

Ibrahim Ziyad at the Palestine Date Farm

Distributed by Ziyad Brothers Importing in the United States, Ziyad Medjool Dates are grown and harvested by Palestinians on Palestine Date Farms owned and operated by Palestinians.

"Our family owns the date farmlands and the company that harvests and packages and ships the dates," Said Ibrahim Ziyad.

"We hire Palestinians who are local to work on the date famrs and we are proud that we are able to make this small contribution to the Palestinian economy. Our commitment is to produce the highest quality and best-tasting Medjool Date products available and to produce one of the best date products from Palestine that is possible."

Ziyad said the dates are grown, havested and packaged by Palestinians. The Palestinian Medjool dates are shipped throughout the world and the Middle East.

This is our Certificate confirming Palestinian ownership and operation as a Palestinian company.

Palestinian Certification

Al Jazeera Arabic report (above) about Medjool Dates
grown, harvested and sold by Palestinians from Jericho, Palestine
through the Palestinian owned company Ziyad Brothers Importing

Click this link to watch a story (in Arabic) by Al-Quds TV
about Ziyad's Medjool Date Farm in Jericho: Click this link

Palestine Dates

Palestine Dates

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